Cambridge Oven

The future of cooking in the home

The Cambridge Oven is the future of cooking in the home: the revolutionary technology we’ve developed can cook professional-quality food up to three-times-faster than a conventional fan oven, with energy savings of up to 30%.

Energy Efficiency


Better than A+ rating

The European Union’s energy efficiency test methods are more than 30 years old, and are too outdated to assess the novel patented heating systems in our ovens. Our rating is based on actual electricity used to cook a wide range of common food items, compared to the energy used by a conventional A+ rated fan oven. Our oven monitors and displays the energy used, every time you cook.

Residual heat utilisation

Preloaded cooking programs switch off the heating elements some time before cooking is finished, to make use of residual heat in the oven framework.

Heat recovery

Our patented system captures a significant fraction of the energy blown out of the front of the oven into the kitchen. This increases user comfort and saves energy in warmer climates, where homes may be air conditioned.

Pyrolytic cleaning

Pyrolytic cleaning is certainly convenient, but uses a lot of energy (typically the same as cooking 10 pizzas). The 60 minute pyrolytic cleaning cycle in our oven takes half the time required by most conventional ovens - and uses 40% less energy.

Special Features


Fast cooking

Up to 3 X faster, with instant-on technology - so no preheating necessary. A pizza in 6 mins, a whole chicken 31 minutes.

Unsurpassed food quality

Infra-red and induction heating systems are balanced with very high velocity air impingement to simulate a wide range of traditional cooking conditions, including a wood-fired oven.

Steam cooking

Our patented system actually measures the humidity in the oven, and can generate steam from an in-built removable water reservoir – to give the best possible control of food quality.

Food probe

The food probe can be used to cook food to a pre-selected final core temperature. It’s the preferred method for most professional chefs.

Automatic cooking programs

Use the colour touchscreen display to choose from a library of pre-loaded cooking programs, created by professional chefs to minimize energy consumption whilst achieving high quality results. Capture your cooking settings and save them as a new program, or use the oven’s in-built WiFi connectivity to download new programs from our web site, or share your recipes with friends. You can even set the oven to mimic a traditional fan oven, if required.

Remote control from your smartphone or tablet

Install our App on your smartphone or tablet, and enjoy the convenience of setting up and monitoring your oven remotely. Particularly useful if your oven installed at low level under a worksurface.

Vented air cleaning

Volatile oils and fats are removed from the air vented from the oven, minimising accumulation on difficult-to-clean kitchen surfaces such as blinds and curtains.

Pyrolytic cleaning

Our pyrolytic cleaning cycle heats the oven to more than 400˚C to convert residues left on the internal walls of the oven to ash. This can then be wiped of easily with a cloth.



Child lock

Easy-to-set child lock

Auto switch-off

The oven will switch itself off automatically after a pre-set time.



Steam generator descaling

The steam generating cartridge can be removed easily, to allow simple and quick descaling of the heater element. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

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